About Us

Welcome to Boujie Bs! Get to know a little bit about us here ❤️
who: Symone M
where: Chicago, Illinois (USA)
when: Est. March 20th, 2020 - A.K.A Symone's birthday A.K.A the best day ever!
why: I have ALWAYS wanted to have my own business. Working a 9-5, 6-2, 2-10 just never sat right with my spirit. I have worked in customer service for almost 10 years at this point and I have no regrets in taking the huge step to work for myself! I spent hours researching, reading, and learning about entrepreneurship to prepare myself for this journey. Everything that you see on my website has been quality tested and prepared by me. Boujie Bs has been in the works for a looong time. So much money (and products) were spent and wasted before launching! I never want to attach my name to anything I wouldn't personally use. My primary goal with Boujie Bs is to always provide my customers with trendy, cute products at an affordable price. Buying products whether wholesale or retail, should never kill your pockets. I want to see you win! Thank you for considering to shop with Boujie Bs and I can't wait for you to receive your products.